Salt Water Fish Health

Training Outcomes

Salt Water Fish Health Workshop Upon successful completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the terms used in disease diagnosis and sampling for cultured Atlantic salmon (can be modified for other species, farm or wild)
  • Describe the relationship between the environment and disease
  • Apply the anatomy and basic physiology of Atlantic salmon in the work environment
  • Identify the types of diseases that affect Atlantic salmon being cultured in both freshwater and saltwaterSalt Water Fish Health Workshop
  • Identify the bacterial, viral and parasitic organisms which cause diseases in Atlantic salmon cultured in BC
  • Describe how bacteria, viruses and parasites cause external and internal damage to Atlantic salmon
  • Perform necropsy procedures and be able to systematically search for disease signs in Atlantic salmon
  • Demonstrate aseptic sampling technique
  • Perform sampling procedures for diagnostic disease testing
  • Apply appropriate sampling, packaging and transport procedures for specimens to a diagnostics laboratory

Salt Water Fish Health WorkshopThe purpose of this training is to combine lecture, hands-on experience and discussion to advance the fish health knowledge and skills you already possess.

After completion of this program you will have a better understanding of the practical applications of fish health techniques. Questions and discussions relating to fish health and disease are expected and encouraged.

Please contact us directly if you would like to attend or set up a workshop.