Q-PCR Research & Development

The salmon aquaculture industry in Canada and in BC in particular is growing exponentially in terms of production. In parallel, the health of the fish is facing major challenges such as virus outbreaks. Early diagnostic and high-throughput screening of pathogens remain the best way to manage health of fish population and prevent massive mortalities.

BC CAHS maintains molecular diagnostic assays for current, and emerging, pathogens of concern in finfish. These assays are developed from research projects and published protocols that are considered industry standard. BC CAHS collaborates with other aquatic diagnostic facilities to ensure our tests are accurate and the best available to-date. Our molecular assays are optimized to provide the best sensitivity and specificity for each pathogen on our state-of-the-art equipment. Although virology remains the “Gold Standard” for pathogen diagnostic, Q-PCR is currently recognised as a high-throughput, sensitive and reliable screening tool in fish health.